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The Craven Heifer

The Craven Heifer was bred by the Rev. W.Carr in 1807 on the Duke of Devonshire's estate. She weighed 312 Stone 8 lbs and measured from the tip of her nose to her rump 11 feet 4 inches.

During her five-year existence (1807-1812), she was the wonder and admiration of farmers from all parts of England.

She was purchased by Mr. John Watkinson of Halton East for £200. Being such a fine animal, she was taken to Smithfield by a Mr G. Pickop and a Mr J. Kitchen. The journey from Wakefield to London took 73 days from the 19th November to 30th January 1812, during which time she was shown at numerous towns and cities en route to London.

Sadly, the Craven Heifer met an ignominious end when she was allowed to be competed for in a cockfight.